Top 10 stand-up comedians in India | As on November 2020

Are you funny or love watching stand-ups? then, youtube is the most relevant platform for such content. Every comedian has his own style to deliver dialogues and relatable punchlines. Earlier, they are being dominated by Bollywood. But nowadays stand-up comedy features a steady rise. With youtube gaining, the prevalence of a new generation of comedians has been emerging and being constantly loved by the audience for their first performance. 

Let's have a look at India's most beloved stand-up comedians on youtube.

1. Zakhir Khan 'The Shakht Launda'


Zakhir Khan is the topmost stand-up comedian on youtube who impressed everyone's heart by his great sense of humor and excellent comic timing. He became more prevalent after winning the show 'India's Best stand-up Comedian'in 2012. He also owned a show  Haq se single on Amazon Prime. Our 'Shakt Launda'is an international comedian now. So, if you are outside the country you can also check updates for his shows. He hits over 5 million subscribers on youtube. 

2. Abhishek Upmanyu


 Abishek Upmanyu is a native of Delhi but currently settled in Mumbai to pursue his career as a stand-up comedian. This combo of living at both places bring out the reality of traveling and furnishes humorous content for his videos. He was a student of Chemical Engineering that enables him to make jokes on engineers. He is a well-known youtube with 2.69 million subscribers. Check out this link

3. Kenny Sebastian 


Kenny Sebastian is one of those stand-up comedians who combines some music with his comic tuning. He works as a full-time stand-up comedian, part-time musician, and a side filmmaker who has produced 12 short films, 2 motion movies, and comedian serials too.

Chai Time with Kenny is a monthly live video blog where he discusses various topics - 'over a cup of chai'.His youtube channel has over 1 million subscribers.

4. Anubhav Singh Bassi


Bassi has a unique vocal tone, that is being cherished by the audience a lot. From being a UPSC aspirant, lawyer, rising business with his friends, he ended up with a most excellent stand-up comedian on Youtube with 17 lakh subscribers. His first video 'Cheating' went viral on youtube. Since then there is no looking back. His words on the daily life of people make them laugh so hard.

5. Aakash Gupta


Aakash Gupta is a well known stand-up comedian. His distinctive style is accompanied by a blast of laughter. He was a contestant of Comicstaan 2. He started by mimicking his maasi on family get together. Then , he has performed several events and comedy shows in Delhi. His video 'Dogs and Delhi Metro' has a separate fan base. He has received immense love from the Indian audience.

6. Abish Mathew


Abish Mathew is a king of a stand-up comedian who has a talent of mixes comic timing and music well. He has been active on the stand-up scene for several years now. He is appreciated for his outstanding work on his show 'Son of Abish' where he invites other stand-up comedians and celebrities for an interview and fun games. Currently, the third season of the show is streaming on youtube. He has a family of more than 9 lacs subscribers on youtube. 

7. Kanan Gill


At the starting of his career, he contributed greatly to comedy control sketch program 'The Live Room' Kanan's sense of humor is unbeatable. He also won the Punch Line Banglore Competition. Mumbai based comedian has performed more than 1000 shows all around the world. Kanan and Bishwa did 'Pretentious Movies Reviews' together.

8.Biswa Kalyan Rath


He is a mind-blowing stand-up comedian, being cherished by almost every human in the country. His raw humor about everyday life compels you to forget the stress. Earlier, he had a job at Oracle.  He got popularity after the show 'Pretentious Movies Reviews'. He is an IIT graduate and often talks about IItian's life that makes the audience insane.
He has done other shows like 'Biswa in your face' and 'Biswa mast aadmi'. 

9. Manik Mahna


Manik Mahna is another name who ha nearly 400k subscribers with just two videos after Bassi. 'Classmates' is one of them. His unimaginable talks about girls, engineering, families are evergreen content. His style of dry, little offensive but incredibly funny sort of comedy is just astonishing. that's what he is known for.

10. Aditi Mittal

Aditi Mittal is one of the preeminent female stand-up comedians on youtube. She has been rated amongst 'India's top 10 stand-up comedians' by THE TIMES OF INDIA. Her jokes about women-related issues are hilarious.  Apart from it, she is also a successful writer. Today, she has Netflix special of her own called 'Things they wouldn't let me say'.

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