How to give download video link option in Instagram post?

These days, more and more people are asking for the download link option in Instagram videos. If you are running a page on Instagram of having more than 1000+ followers than this post is for you.
But before starting with How you can create a download link of your videos, you should make sure that your account is public.

Step 1:

Upload a video, and copy the link of that video.

Step 2:

Extract the post id from the copied link.

How to extract post id?
  1. Suppose your copied link is “”.
  2. Then, in that case, your post id is “B9g5-NhnYvc”.
  3. That means a 12characters long code that lies after “/p/” is called post id.

Step 3:

  1. Navigate to this URL,
  2. And replace this “B8FY1lpH5kT” your POST ID.
  3. That means the final URL will be

Step 4:

Now go to Instagram and open that video, from which you copy that link in step 1, and edit the Instagram post and mention this URL in picture or video description.
So that no one will ask you for video links. People who want to download that specific video can copy that link and paste that in browser URL. In order to download media files.
I hope it helps!

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