How to take website screenshot in an easy way

If you are checking out the way to capture a screenshot of the entire web page, then you are in the right place. Taking a screenshot is sort of simple and a touch bit boring but it's essential to know about it.
Chrome extension allows you to capture a screenshot. Here I will show you some steps for capturing it.

Step 1: Open the google chrome to install the extension.

Step 2: Click on "capture the entire page" for taking a screenshot. Further, you will see the screenshot has been processing. If the page you have chosen is just too long, the page will scroll down and capture the screenshot.

Step 3: Then the captured screenshot will visible to your screen and can allow you to share and save it for further use.

How to capture a section of a custom website?

  • By clicking on the "Capture custom area" option you can capture custom website elements easily.
  • Select the area you want to capture by dragging a rectangle around it. Then the screenshot will appear under the top 'Recent Captures' list. This list includes all the detailed info about each screenshot i.e. website URL, Size of png file, and the date on which it has taken.

How to screenshot entire web page on mac or windows

If you want to get this done in lesser time, then there are few steps provided here. But if you would like to capture a static window or a full desktop screen, then this content is not for you. 


For Mozilla Firefox

Firefox Screenshots are the new feature launched by their team to capture and share the screenshot.
  1. Click on the page actions menu in the address bar at the top right corner.
  2. Select the option 'Save full page'.
Then you can download the image directly on your desktop.
(Most popular web browser like Chrome or apple safari doesn't offer this feature yet.

Parallel toolbox for mac

  1. Download the parallel toolbox and install it on mac. Screenshot→Screenshot page.
  2. Click on the screenshot page. This may ask you to feature an extension to Safari. Once you enable it you will see the icon on your browser.
Select the page you want to capture and click on "Parallel Screenshot icon", then it will take the screenshot on its own and save as pdf file.

Shortcut for taking full page screenshot

Enter a command to capture a full-page screenshot of any web page. Here are some shortcuts that will assist you to capture the screenshot in an easier way. Enter the primary shortcut that is followed by the second one.

On Mac

  • Alt +Command+I

  • Command+Shift+P

On Windows/Chrome OS

  • Ctrl+Shift+I
  • Ctrl+Shift+P

These shortcuts will open the Chrome Developer Menu. You have got to type screenshot then select capture full-size screenshot. it will appear in the Download folder.

Website Screenshot Generator

You don't need an extension to capture a screenshot. Website Screenshot Generator by tucktools provides a complete screenshot of a website or a URL in PNG 
Just type the URL of a website and click on the search . Further, you will get the full screenshot of that website or you can preview it in the new window and can also download it by hitting the download button.

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