9+ Working Royalty Free Background Music free download

Who among us does not have an identical story about a song that touched your heart? There is something in a piece of music that fills us with emotion. 

Basically, Royalty free music means you are free from any of copyright claims. You just have to buy it for once and use it as long as you want without being charged for music per number of views.

Everyone loves music and what else could better than finding the royalty-free music sites at the present times.

1. Artlist

  Artlist is a tremendous music site for video, film, and youtube. Artlist was founded in 2015. It removes all the limitations from Music licensing that Allows unlimited downloads and unlimited use for a fixed annual price of $199 or $16.60/month. You can listen to every song you have downloaded within the active subscription.

2. Pond5

Explore the World's largest royalty-free stock video collection here. There are more than 9,000 tracks available with an amazing sound effect. They do not offer any free stock music. It's great stock music for providing under 30 seconds. Enjoy all the track with Pond5 in $15/month.

3. Epidemic sound

This is one of the best places to enjoy copyright free music. Epidemic Sound was founded in 2009 with a basic motive for making potential outcomes around music in all stages. It has 30,000 tracks, 60,000 sound effects, and most importantly new tracks are added every week. Get unlimited access and downloads in 15USD/month.

4. Soundstripe

Soundstripe is an amazing source for filmmakers who needs the best quality music the most. It offers a full access for their entire stock music library to the audience at $10 per/month. The new sound stripe extension to unify all the features and love from the website directly with Premium Pro.

5. Audio Jungle

Audio Jungle offers monthly freebies for you to enjoy royalty-free music , video effects, and stock photography. This is one of the cheapest sites from them. Tracks are available at just $1/month. If you have any interest in how to sell stock music , this website might be your first stop.

6. Premium Beat

Premium Beats are so easy to navigate that helps you to quickly find out what you are looking for. It is established in 2005. All tracks are extremely exclusive and cleared for copyright. This site is trusted by the World's Best Companies. Get free music downloads at $49/month. 

7. Hook Sounds


The main objective of Hook Sounds is to create non-generic music that you can't find anywhere else as they said. It provides modern and unique music to its audience that they exactly want. It is an exclusive site that provides a wide variety of tracks for $29/month.

8. Amazon


Amazon had a wide range of categories and over 30,000 tracks to choose from this site. It has the highest quality streaming audio. It became the first music store to sell music with Digital Rights Management . Enjoy royalty-free music and unlimited access with just $1.

9. Foximusic

This site is super friendly and it is superb to browse music here. Foximusic is an extreme simple option for those who are looking to monetize their content on youtube and various social media apps. Tracks are available here at $24. 

10. YouTube Audio Library

There is a vast collection of free music for youtube audio library. Sound effects can be added straight to your videos on youtube or you can also download them to work offline. It currently offers more than 1,50,000 audio tracks on its site.

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